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Fertilizer Seasons

Early Spring - Applied Early April

Contains Dithiopyr to prevent crabgrass and many other broadleaf weeds. With the amount of potassium in this product you also help to develop a strong, disease resistant turf that will remain sturdy throughout the summer. 19-0-0 25% Stabilized Nitrogen 0.28% Prodiamine (Crabgrass Preventer).

Late Spring - Applied In May

Nourish your lawn while eliminating weeds. Containing no phosphorous. Slow release nitrogen for up to 6 weeks of feeding. Contributes to greater root development and ultimately healthier grass. Viper works hard to better control broadleaf weeds from sprouting up in your lawn. 20-0-5% Non – Phosphorus Lawn Fertilizer.

Summer - Applied In Mid June to July

Contains MERIT® insecticide, an insecticide that controls many root-feeding insects. For fertilization and insect control in turf grass and landscape ornamentals and sod farms. Multiple use rates allow targeting of specific insects. 0-0-8

Fall - Applied In Mid September

Fall Weed ‘n’ Feed. Includes herbicide application to control most perennial weeds from growing and spreading. For root enhancement, potash encourages deep, healthy roots to improve cold hardiness and prepare for lush, spring growth. 0-0-5 25%

Winter - Applied In Late October to Mid November

Special root building formula withstands winter dormancy. Slow release nitrogen for up to 6 weeks of feeding. Potash enhances root system to help thicken the lawn in the spring. 24-0-16

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